Crown Prince Abbas MirzaQajar Statesman, Warrior and Lover

The handsome son of King Fath Ali Shah, Prince Abbas Mirza left his strong imprints in Iranian history. An accomplished forward-looking statesman and fearless warrior, this Persian "Prince Valiant" was loved by the people and beautiful Princess "Kettane" the daughter of Heraclius, a Caucasian King. Together, they rode white stallions and fought the Russian invaders in Caucasia. The portrait, left, is from family archives

When not battling the Russians or other foes, each day, from 8 to 10 in the morning, Abbas Mirza held a council (Diwan). It was a free assembly of the Prince with his ministers, counsellors, and some courtiers. In addition, this "Assembly" was open to the public and everyone could freely express grievances or make demands. Abbas Mirza highly encouraged this mode of communication between the people and himself. However dazzling the court of his father Fath Ali Shah, and later on the court of Nasser ed-Din Shah or Mozzafar ed-Din Shah -- respect of the "Diwan" would remain a common trait among the Qajars.
The sovereigns of the Qajar dynasty never forgot the ancestral courtesy that a leader owes to his subjects

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Prince Abbas Mirza's Siege of Herat

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