The Qajars (Kadjars) of Azarbaijan
Part I

Sitting, from left to right, Kamran Mirza Kadjar, the son of Sharokh Mirza Kadjar,
his wife, Mahbegim Knanom Kadjar, Fakhri Soltan Khanom Kadjar, the daughter of Shahrokh Mirza,
her husband Aziz Bey Sultanov the "Khan" of Irevan.
Standing from left to right, Djamal Mirza Kadjar son of Shahrokh Mirza, and Darab Mirza Kadjar,
the son of Shahrokh Mirza. The photo was taken in Irevan in 1905.

All photos on this page and the next are from Darab Kadjar of Baku, Azarbaijan.

Darab Kadjar writes: "As I know from various historic family documents, Bahman Mirza Kadjar, (see below) the son of the Persian Prince Abbas Mirza Kadjar, was the Governor of Tabriz and administrator of the Persian province of South Azarbaijan. In 1848, he escaped from his brother Mohammad Shah Kadjar to Transcaucasia which then was under the Russian Tsarist Empire. For the first four years he lived in Tiflis, Georgia, then settled in the town of Shusha in the Karabakh region of Northern Azarbaijan. Bahman Mirza had 63 children from sixteen wives. Thirty-one were sons and thirty were daughters."

Above, Shahrokh Mirza Kadjar, the eldest son of Bahman Mirza Kadjar.
He was the father of  Kamran Mirza, Darab Mirza, Djamal Mirza and Fakhri Soltan Khanom.

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