International Sites on Human Rights
The international sites are both in English & French,
just click on the language you desire.

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La Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme a cinquante ans (en français)
Le Haut-Commissariat aux droits de l’homme de l’ONU (en français)
Projet de création d’une Cour criminelle internationale (en français)
Les ressources Internet sur les droits de l’homme (in English)
Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l’homme (en français)
Human Rights Internet (in English)
Amnesty International (in English)
Human Rights Watch (in English)
Derechos (in English)
Répertoire des associations de défense des droits de l'homme (in English)

Iranian Human Rights Sites

Democracy Network of Iran - DNI (Sweden)
Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG) (US)
Foundation For Democracy In Iran (US)
Green Party of Iran -- Iran-e-Sabz    Ecological-Humanitarian in English and Persian iransabz.jpg (2200 bytes)

Iranian Political Sites - with much information on Human Rights

Focus on Iran (US)
GAM Newsletter (Australia)
The Constitutionalist Movement of Iran (US)
Iran Lover's (Germany)
Iranian American Republican Council (US)
Iranians for International Cooperation (US)
Iran-U.S. "Citizen Exchange" (US)
American Iranian Council (US)
Radio Aras voice of democracy, peace & socialism (Canada)
Dr. Ali Shariati's Memorial site
Enqhelabe Eslami - Abolhassan Banisadr (France)
Fedaian League (Sweden)
Fedaian - Minority (US)
Flag of Freedom Organization of Iran (France)
Jebhe Melli Iran (US)
Mehr (US)
Sarbedaran (UK)
Mojahedin (France)
National Movement of Iranian Resistance (US)
Supporters of National Council of Resistance of Iran
Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian, Majority (Germany)
Pejvak - Swedish Public Radio's Persian Service (Sweden)
Rahe Karegar (Denmark)
Tudeh Party (UK)
Sedaye Kommunisme Karegari (US)
The Communist party of Iran (Sweden)
Worker-communist Party of Iran (Europe)
The Democratic Peoples Party of Iran (France)
"Vis a Vis: Beyond the Veil" - PBS documentary on US-Iranian relations (US)
Sara Amir - Candidate For Lt. Governor; Green Party of California (US)
Abdol Karim Soroush