Qajar (Kadjar) Reign Stamps

The Persian Courier:
"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night shall
stay the the Persian Courier from his appointed rounds." - Herodotus

History, the Riester Essays.
In 1865, during the reign of Nasser-ed-Din-Shah Qajar, and upon his return from a European trip, the King which had been enthused by what he had seen in France  instructed his cabinet to issue stamps for Persia. A delegation was sent from Tehran to Paris in order to negotiate with the French Ministry of PTT the possibility of creating postage stamps for Persia.
A private entrepreneur, A.M. Riester, acting on his own initiative, approached the the Iranian mission and submitted his own designs and cliches for such stamps but these were not accepted and never used.

The design shows a lion in an oval inset and onamental frame. The was a sun rising behind the lion. Underneath the oval on the frame were the reversed initials of Riester. After waiting for six months to hear from the Persian Mission, wrote to Tehran for direct negotiations. In reply to his letter, the Persian Government strongly protested the unauthorized printing of stamps in the name of Persia in returned both cliches and stamps. Above are stamps from different Qajar Kings

The Barre Essays
The Persian Mission in Paris selected essays prepared by Albert Barre and took them to Tehran for final approval. The essays were in four colors, blue, red, green and violet. The lion was the official emblem of the Persian Government. The design showed the the lion and the sun in a circle containing 86 pearls. Four smaller circles in the corner of the stamps showed the figure of the stamp's value in Persian. All the first sets of "Persian Lion" stamps printed during the above King's  reign were made from these cliches.

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Above is a 1881 stamp of Nasser-ed-Din Shah Qajar
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